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We are using Applied, a new application platform developed by the Behavioural Insights Team, to record your application. Applied is focused on using behavioural and data science to improve hiring decisions.

NB: Whilst we are asking for your CV, please note that we will not be viewing your CV during the initial sift process. The selection panel will not have access to your CV, so it is therefore essential that you respond to each question fully.

Each question will be viewed in isolation and compared to other applicants. Please therefore ensure there is enough detail in your response and evidence in that single response, without any references to your other responses.

To apply, please click here to start the process.


(NB: this timetable may be subject to unforeseen change. Any changes to the interview timetable will be communicated to you. Please confirm with Cadence Partners before making any arrangements.)

  • Closing Date: 2 November
  • Preliminary Interviews: w/c 16 November
  • Stakeholder and Final Panel Interview: w/c 7 December

For an informal discussion about the role or the process, please contact Shani Newbold at Cadence Partners on +44 20 7947 4960 or by email: