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Humanity & Inclusion UK supports HI's programmes worldwide, by raising funds, influencing policy, and providing technical support.

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We also manage the rehabilitation component of The UK Government's Emergency Medical Team, the front line of the UK’s response to a humanitarian crisis overseas, and co-ordinate a project to improve the collection and use of data on disability in humanitarian contexts.In addition, we actively campaign for the protection of civilians in conflict zones, and the inclusion of people with disabilities in humanitarian aid and development projects.

Our fundraisers generate income from the general public, schools, groups, corporates, trusts and institutional funders in the UK to support the organisation’s work worldwide. HI UK income in 2019 was £13.8m, which represents a significant increase on the previous year, and indicates the confidence of our institutional funders and numerous individual supporters.

Donations from individuals, groups, trusts, and corporates increased by 81%, and this made 2019 the first year in which HI UK’s voluntary income has exceeded £1m. Income raised allowed us to support 23 countries, 3 regional and 8 global programmes, and charitable activities represented 94% of the expenditure incurred from total income.

Visit our main website to find out more about who we are and how we work.

For further information on the programmes HI UK supported in 2019, and a detailed background to our work and governance, please see our latest Annual Report.